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Post by Fizzie on Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:41 am

Do you collect anything? Stamps, movie merchandise, mugs... anything at all?

Why do you do it? Or (if you don't) why don't you do it?

How long have you been collecting stuff for?

Oh, and feel free to share pictures of your collections with us.


I'm collect quite abit of stuff. Anyone who knows me will know I'm into alot of things like certain movies, video-games, anime, etc.

So if I see something I like: it shall be mine!!


I actually tried to be more spesific with this entry but the list of things I really like and collect stuff from kinda went on forever. =/ Sorry guys.

I just like alot of stuff and if I find a plush or a figure or whatever of something I like then I get it. Hahaha!!

I'll try share a few things though... here I go...

I love posters.

I collect all things TMNT. Particulaly anything Michelangelo.

I also love the Alien movies. And something I don't have yet is a nice figure of an Alien. I'd love one of those.

I love plushies!! Especially bunnies, for some reason. I love anime plushies, Disney plushies, just anything of my favourite characters or awesomely cute things. :3

I also collect anything Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I love her!! Very Happy

Well, that'll do for now. Otherwise I'll go on forever. Seriously.

Your turn! =p

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